Adyashanti: The Mind as Prosecuting Attorney

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In this 8 minute video, Adyashanti speaks about the fact that nothing is outside of oneness. There is only “The One” (God, Consciousness, That…) but the mind is forever trying to prove that there is two. It takes practically any thought, any event, any occurrence and uses it (as a prosecuting attorney would) to prove that there is “other” and most of the time it is trying to show that this “other” is not worthy of being part of the “One”.

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lynley Hocking says:

Again, this exposes the mind in this moment. Living in complete isolation due to covid with severe physical illness, the mind is seizuring. I have been told its ptsd due to a rotten past but whatever. Its ego on steroids. It is a prosecuting attorney. This video invites fresh relief .Thankyou

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