Guided Meditation Series: Peace Is Possible Now for All – Chapter 4 – Experience Formless Peaceful Awareness

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This is the 4th installment of a new 28 part series of short guided meditations by Deepika Avanti.  These experiential guided meditation to Living Peace, Love, God, Holistic healing on 6 levels (Christ Consciousness, enlightenment, self realization, presence, now, joy, happiness, ) while you view exquisite nature videography from Nepal, Southern Utah, Colorado Rock Mtn.

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These 28 videos challenge you live meditation by recognizing your identification with peaceful awareness, the Ultimate Reality, the Ultimate Truth or what changes, such as the body, emotions, thoughts and sensations, which are bound to time and space and thus part of suffering and dying. With these guided meditations you practice witnessing as peaceful awareness. Where does Peaceful Awareness, our True Self, our God Self begin? end? Is it born, does it die? Experience yourself as eternal Peaceful awareness that does not die, is not born. How does this change your life?

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