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“Beyond Awakening:
An Introspective Look at the Nature of Reality”


In this FREE booklet you will discover:

  • The difference between Enlightenment, Awakening and Realization.
  • Why teachers and Gurus seem to contradict each other.
  • Why over 95% of seeker/followers are completely confused, even those who regard themselves are “Awakened” or “Realized”.
  • Why you don’t need any outside source to confirm your understanding of the “Truth”.
  • Why you are searching for answers in the first place.
  • Why the realization of the Self is not “self-improvement”.
  • The true definition of love, mindfulness, attention, “Truth”, vital force, ego/mind/person, spirit, God, “I Am”, Isness, Absolute, Nothingness and consciousness.
  • The true nature of physical reality.
  • The basic components of Inner Reality.
  • The basic components of Outer Reality.
  • The Science of form and energy.
  • The two shifts in consciousness that need to take place before Realization.
  • Is our life a dream?
  • The difference between our dreams at night versus our daily life.
  • Where do we go when we sleep?
  • What happens after your body dies?
  • What is the truth about reincarnation?
  • How to implement the realization of the Truth into our daily lives.
  • How to get help or answers to your questions.


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“Beyond Awakening:
An Introspective Look at the Nature of Reality”

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