Recently Added Videos

In this special 14 minute video, Eckhart considers the day-to-day, thought-based narratives of most people’s lives and how to break free of them to live more fully in each moment.

In this amazing 12 minute video, Eckhart explores the relationship between awareness, acceptance, and health. He explains how our state of mind can greatly affect our physical and mental well-being and how the practice of being present in the moment, through awareness and acceptance, can lead to improved health.

In this awesome 10 minute video, Eckhart shares how to overcome the urge to please others and cultivate a more authentic and fulfilling way of living.

In this lovely 16 minute video, Eckhart distinguishes between the use of willpower and “Presence power” to handle compulsive behavior and addiction. In what areas of your life do you find you may need to cultivate more awareness and “Presence power”?  Let’s find out…

In this amazing 4 minute video, Eckhart shares how to achieve inner peace and focus in the present.

Have you ever felt divine discontent? In this video, Eckhart shares how he was a “frequency holder” for a big part of his life, and how he came to realize that he could do so much more. Let’s listen to Eckhart as he shares more…

In this wonderful 14 minute video, Mooji gives us a direct guidance and exercise to discover our inherent peace and stillness. By staying in this true place, we find that we don’t have to go out and change the world, but our very presence will begin to radiate peace and harmony.

In this powerfully clear talk, Mooji exposes the subtle ways of the mind that keep us feeling that we are not yet our true Self. Mooji calls on two students to walk us through, step by step, the arising of negative and oppressive states, and how to transcend them by applying the simple guidance offered in Satsang. Mooji shows us again how we can bring all the difficult feelings and oppressive thoughts that keep us feeling bound into the light of clear seeing, and be timelessly free.

This lovely 9 minute video is a profound yet simple guidance to observe life with detachment and to wake up from the limitation of personhood to your true nature.

On this joyful 8 minute morning walk, Mooji shares about the natural harmony of life that is experienced the more we are drawn into the heart of true Self discovery.

In this rich and insightful 20 minute talk, Mooji responds to a questioner who asks how we can stay in our inner emptiness, the true Self, when life also calls us to engage with the troubles and sorrows of the world? Let’s listen to Mooji’s beautiful response…

In this 13 minute audio featuring Mooji, we are reminded about compassion and most of all having a true understanding of compassion. Let’s listen as Mooji shares his wisdom…

In this beautiful 9 minute video, we are called to put our attention on the now. The now beyond time and the here beyond place, our very own true Self.

In this 10 minute Satsang excerpt, Mooji addresses the sense of ‘doing’ in spiritual practice — how can we balance the urge to meditate and strive for spiritual awakening with the recognition that there is nothing to do, and we are already that? Mooji cuts right to the heart of the issue and directs us to the quintessential understanding:

In this insightful exchange, a student shares that he finds himself getting personally identified when interacting and speaking with others. He asks for Mooji’s guidance on how to remain as awareness in these moments.

In this lovely video, Mooji presents a powerful yet simple exercise — An Invitation to Freedom. This distilled and direct guidance takes us directly into the recognition of our timeless Being.

This Easter Monday (2022), Mooji took a walk and recorded this uplifting message rejoicing in the presence of the Lord inside our very own Hearts.

In this enlightening 13 minute video, a questioner wants a little more clarification of Francis’s suggestion that we need to be practical on our way to happiness. Let’s listen to this wisdom…

What is acceptance, and how can we learn to accept things as they are? Sometimes there are things in our life that we can’t control. In fact control is the biggest illusion, illusion of control comes from center – ego. So learn how to accept and live life free from expectations. Let us do that today with Mooji and learn for ourselves.

“Maybe grace, deliverance comes to get you. Knocks on your door and says, ‘You have a chance to be at peace.’ In your willingness to take that chance, to accept that invitation to be at peace, then you have an opportunity to share this peace, everywhere.”

Living our daily lives, we may find ourselves actually attracted to war. We can also be fed up with that attraction. We can recognize that there is no need to postpone peace in our own minds. In this short audio Gangaji speaks about the roots of war and the opportunity of being at peace for ourselves and the world.

This beautiful and simple 7 minute guidance is for everyone. Mooji points us to the affirmation ‘I Am’—our pure presence before connecting to activity or intention. We are invited to simply rest in our own being.

In this lovely 9 minute video, a man feels ‘enchanted’ by thoughts and asks for guidance on how to stay connected to himself while thinking. Let’s listen carefully to Rupert’s response…

In this exceptional 11 minute video from the archives, a follower seems to be very confused about the fact that her attention keeps following the mind and wants to know if that is alright and what can she do about it. Let’s listen to Mooji sage advice…

In this super interesting 8 minute video, a questioner starts out by wanting to know, “how can we be surprised by events in a world we create as universal Awareness?” In responding to his question, Francis reveals some important wisdom on creation and transformation.