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In this 6 minute video, Mooji explains the first monumental discovery. Those who have this discovery for themselves often wonder what is next, or where to go from this discovery, but Mooji explains that there really isn’t any other discovery to be made.

In this video Mooji describes his experience of loosing his 23 year old son and what took place within him.

Please note: There is a Part 1 to this video but the subject matter is almost identical to a previous video that can be seen by clicking here. This part (part 2) stands completely on its own.

In this super direct 4 minute video, Mooji reminds us what true happiness is all about and how we can live in a permanent state of happiness. Let’s hurry and get started…

“Maybe grace, deliverance comes to get you. Knocks on your door and says, ‘You have a chance to be at peace.’ In your willingness to take that chance, to accept that invitation to be at peace, then you have an opportunity to share this peace, everywhere.”

Living our daily lives, we may find ourselves actually attracted to war. We can also be fed up with that attraction. We can recognize that there is no need to postpone peace in our own minds. In this short audio Gangaji speaks about the roots of war and the opportunity of being at peace for ourselves and the world.

In this short video Mooji explains that we need to remain as the being, keep quiet and don’t login. Let consciousness do what needs to be done. Don’t give the mind a way to blackmail you and disturb your peace.

Mooji explains that we should not let fear guide our decisions. Once you have done everything you can do and it seems like a decision needs to be made and you have no idea what to do, the advice that Mooji offers is to “keep quiet, don’t force a decision”. When the right time comes you will “recognize” what needs to be done. The right decision comes as a RECOGNITION.

In this eight minute video, Mooji talks about the purpose of spirituality being the realization of the the “I AM” (Pure Beingness), free of attachments to perception or the objects of perception. He then goes on to explain that for a few there comes the realization that even the unassociated being (I Am) is found to be a concept. Let’s listen in as he explains…

In this thirteen minute video clip, Rupert Spira explains what is meant by “time doesn’t exist” and describes how the eternal now brings time into existence according to the limitations of the mind. Although it is impossible for our minds to understand how this is possible due to its limitations, using metaphors, Rupert is able to help us reach an inner knowingness of the concept of time.

In this short yet important five minute video, Rupert explains the role of ethics and morality in non-dual understanding and that non-duality does not offer a free-for-all pass for anyone to do as they please without consequence.

In this 7 minute video from Mooji, he explains that our true self is “prior to” any and all. Because we are here to witness the “I am” is proof that we are prior to the “I am”.

Mooji explains that we believe everything into existence. Thoughts have no power by themselves. A thought without belief is nothing at all, has no power; a thought with belief can start a war, or begin to heal a nation. FIVE STAR VIDEO!!

This short five minute audio clip is from a super popular video clip that has been shortened to provide us with a quick reminder we can listen to often. This is a great little clip to listen to first thing in the morning to keep us on track for the rest of the day.

In this wonderful little five minute video clip from Rupert Spira, he explains that a spiritual inquiry or search should only be done for the complete joy of it, and that making a discipline or practice out of it is almost blasphemous or disrespectful to the universe.

In this nine minute video clip from Rupert, he replies to a questioner that wants to know the purpose for manifestation.

Here is the key to the metaphor that is being spoken of in this video:

Jane’s World = Mind and Mary’s World = Consciousness

This very short 6 minute video from Mooji contains the key to stepping out of identification. The key is simply that once you realize that you are aware of this identification that is happening, then you can easily realize that you are not what you are aware of. Therefore, you come to realize that the one who is identified is NOT you. You are the awareness in which it is happening.

Adyashanti cuts to the heart of what’s really true and points to the causeless happiness that comes with knowing the sacred reality of who we are.

For anyone who has been on a spiritual search for a length of time, we have all heard the saying that “The world is not real” which contradicts our senses that tell us otherwise. In this great seven minute video, Mooji explains the exact meaning of this statement. Let’s listen…

Finally, a teacher of non-duality is willing to speak on the question in back of everyone’s mind, “how does non-dual teachings apply to the mentally impaired?” In this 10 minute response from Rupert we witness an intelligent response that is tailored for the moment, yet retains the integrity of “Truth” and non-dual teachings.

In this BEAUTIFUL nine minute video, Mooji shares a special moment when he says that when he looks in a beings eyes, he only sees the light of God shining through and that is why,”I am not willing to overlook even one of you.” Let’s get silent for a moment and listen…

In this wonderful 10 minute video from Rupert Spira, he takes us step-by-step into the process from birth as an infant that is merged with experience to becoming a person, and then from being a person into maturing to the point where we realize that we are pure consciousness and that ALL of experience is happening in consciousness.

In this fantastic ten minute video, Nada explains that whether we know it or not, almost all of us base a portion of our worth on the opinions and approval of others. The truth is that we give them that power. And just as we give them that power, we can also choose to take it back. Let’s listen to this freeing message…

In this 6 minute video, Mooji responds to a super common question about finding love or finding a life partner. He explains that placing too much importance on this can cause us to go through a lot of suffering going from one relationship to the next and offers a better way to approach this issue.

In this 8 minute video, Mooji explains that it is important for one to realize that there is nothing wrong when old thought patterns emerge because old thought patterns and activity can still come during the transition from the personal self to pure awareness, and in fact, can still come after full awakening has taken place.

Rupert uses an analogy to plainly demonstrate that there is no such thing as “other”. We are not all connected as is often said, but in essence we are ACTUALLY the ONE and ONLY.