Top Rated Videos

This 8 minute video clip from Rupert Spira is the SIMPLEST and most DIRECT explanation of Enlightenment (Awakening) available in modern day spirituality. The way that he explains the illusion of Enlightenment is so simple and vivid that even a child can understand his profound display of understanding. THIS VIDEO IS A MUST SEE FOR ALL!!

In this 6 minute video, Mooji explains the first monumental discovery. Those who have this discovery for themselves often wonder what is next, or where to go from this discovery, but Mooji explains that there really isn’t any other discovery to be made.

In this amazing 15 minute compilation, Mooji answers the most popular questions about love such as “What is Love?”, “How to love everyone as I love myself?” , “How to Love without attachments?”, and “How to love unconditionally?”. Let’s find a quiet place and enjoy!

In this super short 3 minute video, Rupert responds to someone that is confused about what is real and what is not real, and in the process gives us a completely different perspective or meaning of “Individuality” itself.

In this 10 minute video from Adyashanti, he reminds us that most often we don’t apply our realizations (or even a full awakening) into our daily moments but rather only when some significant event happens. He then explains how this is a mistake and that we should elicit the Living Truth one small step at a time into our daily lives moment to moment.

In this video Mooji reveals that not even the masters can completely escape the momentary return of the false sense of self. Be kind to yourself and welcome anything that presents itself.

In this lovely little nine minute video we get to see the before and after of someone who was very devoted to her thoughts (believed her thoughts), and what happened after she realized that thoughts by themselves are only “crap” making an appearance in consciousness.

In this short 5 minute video, Mooji uses a parable to help us understand why so few realize the “Self” when there are so many that are drawn to the “Truth”.

In this inspired seven minute video, Jeff explains that often we make the mistake of thinking that we must do battle against all of our negative thoughts and feelings in order to get rid of them, when in reality healing is an ever-present awareness that embraces all thoughts and feelings. Let’s let Jeff explain…

In this six minute video, Mooji explains that having multiple spiritual practices can be ok if you are doing them just for pleasure, but if you are truly seeking the truth within, multiple practices will keep you as a spiritual tourist, never getting to the deepest meaning you are searching for. See how Mooji puts it…

In this super nine minute video, Mooji helps us to realize that the witnessing experienced by the “I Am” is itself witnessed by “something” prior to the “I Am”. This is Awareness is without cause or location and can not be explained or described in words and yet is the answer to the question “Who Am I?”. Let’s listen to Mooji’s explanation…

Very often the mind is looking for a solution or a course of action to life’s circumstances long before it is TRULY necessary. In this fourteen minute video, Mooji explains that these seemingly pressing matters normally stem from fear or some kind of projection from the mind as to how things should be. Let’s listen in on the solution to these seemingly real circumstances…

“The Magnificence of Your Own Being”. This is an 8 minute FIVE STAR video. Absolutely must see!

Here’s another AMAZING 5 STAR video from Mooji that’s only 7 minutes long… won’t you join us?

In this 9 minute video, Mooji explains that many pointings are completely misunderstood because the seeker is not ready for the “Truth”. They may be so identified with the world of form that the pointings don’t really make sense or taken to be literal in nature. The question is, “Are you ready for the truth?”

This is a wonderful little 4 minute video created by SAND (Science and Non Duality) which provides amazing wisdom as spoken by Maharaj. Let’s listen in to his pointings on our reality as nothingness…

In this 7 minute video, Rupert takes us on another logical look at the dream state for Awareness versus the waking state and concludes that there is really no difference. For Awareness, all the different states are just a dream.

In this 7 minute video, Jeff offers some very practical advice for cutting off the power that thoughts seem to have over us. Whether we are searching for Enlightenment or seeking professional help, we are trying to find a way to control our thoughts or change our thoughts or eliminate some thoughts altogether.  In this video we find out that none of these exhausting mental gymnastics are necessary for liberation from our thoughts.

Here is a beautiful four minute excerpt of wisdom from Alan Watts.

In this 7 minute video, Rupert expresses that there are 3 legitimate reasons for using thought and the mind and that pretty much all other thoughts are on behalf of an illusory self. This provides a simple guide to help us identify the times when we may be getting lost in an illusory self and return our attention back to reality.

This video beautifully exposes the meaning of unconditional love.

In this revealing 10 minute video, Rupert explains that over 98% of religious teachings is completely false and even the purest non-dual teachings contain massive amounts of concessions in order to try to explain in words what can not be explained in words about our true nature. That means that NONE of ANY teachings can be taken literally. Let’s listen to this incredibly important message…

We only need to drop everything we have read, everything else we’ve been told, only direct our attention to the source of attention, the source of all… simply awareness. You are that!

In this short video, Mooji provides massive insight into our “wants” and “desires”.