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In this video Mooji describes his experience of loosing his 23 year old son and what took place within him.

Please note: There is a Part 1 to this video but the subject matter is almost identical to a previous video that can be seen by clicking here. This part (part 2) stands completely on its own.

In this 6 minute video, Mooji explains the first monumental discovery. Those who have this discovery for themselves often wonder what is next, or where to go from this discovery, but Mooji explains that there really isn’t any other discovery to be made.

In this 8 minute video from Jac O’Keeffe, she explains that anytime there is an “I” involved, it is always based on some form of identification and that Awakening is simply the dropping of this “I” that we all hang on to so dearly.

This wonderful video helps us to understand that we have always been the everlasting being.

This short video is a DIRECT pointing to the self. It also discusses how the mind (or most anyone else) doesn’t want you to recognize because then they will loose power over you. Brilliant!

In this 10 minute video, Mooji reminds us that we are complete right now. Nothing needs to fixed except to put everything down (our tools) from the mind and let the Truth shine free.

In this amazing, intimate and spontaneous sharing from Mooji, we can experience his love and wisdom as he shares a wonderful story which makes us realize that we need not let our past keep us from realizing who we are.

In this AMAZINGLY beautiful moment with Gautam Sachdeva, he shares with us the true connection between animals and human beings. One look at the dogs face on the beach demonstrates a level of bliss that most humans rarely experience…

In this eye opening 8 minute video clip, Alan Watts tackles the question, “Why do we feel the need to improve the world?” when there is still so much improvement to be done on ourselves. He explains that what we may think is an improvement for others could actually be disastrous for them. And since most people are completely asleep to the fact of who they are, who are they to try to improve anything? Let’s listen to this unusual perspective…

In this beautifully produced 5 minute clip, several spiritual and scientific leaders describe the importance for humans to realize the importance of consciousness and the understanding that at the heart of man’s true nature lies the secrets of consciousness itself.

This short 6 minute video examines the ability to love someone without the imposition of attachments.

In this extremely well produced five minute video, we are presented with words from Jim Carrey and Alan Watts explaining that the “person” we have always believed ourselves to be is only a composite character put together by our mind through years of conditioning. Please enjoy…

In this very short three minute video Jac expresses a very meaningful description of true gratitude which rises up from nowhere and is directed at no one. This is the kind of gratitude that does not come out of expectation or forcing of any kind and truly fills your heart with joy without cause. Let’s take a quick listen…

In this video Mooji poses some questions to you to help you determine where you stand.

This very short (less than 4 minutes) video clip from Rupert starts out by answering a question regarding the difference between solipsism and non-duality. In the process it reveals an amazing realization that awareness never experiences a multiplicity or diversity of objects.

In this amazing 4 minute video, Ramesh Balsekar tries to describe in one word what Advaita is all about. He explains that the ultimate understanding of Advaita is “Acceptance” and how this applies in our day to day lives. Let’s take a quick listen…

Ramesh Balsekar is a direct desciple of the late Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. He also became one of Maharaj’s favorite live translators and did so for several years until Maharaj’s death and went on to write several books containing Maharaj’s teachings and discourses.

In this very short 4 minute video, Mooji explains that freedom is a concept that only comes out of duality. Therefore, not only can freedom be your only true state but it is actually what you are.

In this video Mooji describes the beginning of his realization. This video continues with a part 2 which no longer speaking of his transformation, however, if you would like to watch it, please Click Here.

In this short 5 minute video, Mooji is asked about the possibility to serve humanity from the highest state of being? In his reply he explains that we (humanity) is just a concept created by the mind because in reality there is ONLY ONE. This highest state of being is not concerned with serving humanity – it doesn’t know the notion of humanity. It only loves, and everything is taken care of by it.

In this eleven minute audio from Alan, he shares the simplicity of the universe through the realization that all is one, this moment is eternity and THAT is all there is.

In this video clip, Mooji digs deep into the emotion of “Fear” to reveal “who” is afraid, plus the different kinds of fear and how to deal with them. Let’s listen carefully as Mooji reveals one of life’s most common and difficult emotions to deal with…

This beautiful 16 minute guided inquiry meditation from Mooji will help guide your attention back to yourself in deep peace, love and harmony. Let’s just sit back, relax and listen as Mooji provides the ultimate message of truth and freedom…

In this super clear and important 5 minute video, Roger Castillo responds to the question, “Does Non-Doership Mean Not Doing?”. Since non-duality necessarily implies that there is no “doer” per se, how does anything get done? and also, we discover the true meaning of “Acceptance”. Let’s listen…

Why are we here? What are we here for?’ What is the point of life? Join Mooji on this short yet insightful 7 minute talk in which he explains, “One time you will come to see, ‘I have lived with so many people, with so many things. Now I must find the one I cannot live without.’”