One Truth Media: Mooji, Rupert Spira and Ramesh Balsekar – Enlightenment Not Unlimited Bliss

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A HUGE number of people actually believe that once they have reached enlightenment, they will get to enjoy an unlimited state of “bliss”. In this fantastic 8 minute compilation we find Mooji, Rupert Spira and Ramesh Balsekar talking about the fact that Enlightenment is not about unlimited “bliss” or anything else that you can describe.

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Mary Conlan says:

Thank you so much Michael .These videos are indeed inspiring and I am so grateful to receive them

Ashok says:

Excellent. Many Many thanks.

lyn says:

I sympathise with thee questioners, because we are told that Sat, Chit, Ananda = Being, Awareness and Bliss. Since it is easy to recognise we are Being and Awareness, it is natural therefore to expect Bliss as the third ” aspect” of the enlightened state, as that is what satchitananda seems to suggest.

admin says:

Hi Lyn! That may be true but the reality is that if anyone has ANY expectations of what “Enlightenment” (as if there was such a thing) is, they will never realize the self as they are looking for an EFFECT which doesn’t exist. That’s why this video is so important.

Sumita says:

Thank you for these special ones! Amazingly simple yet profound to the understanding

Judi Sauermann says:

Thx Michael for the gift of hese bonus videos. Love them.

Lisa Marie says:

Thank you Michael!

Ia says:

So POWERFUL! Thank you so much, dear Michael!!!

MK16 says:

Love light from Vienna

Cheryl Lane says:

Thanks for this very clarifying vid! I love how at the end Ramesh says that the maximum that is given through enlightenment is the end of suffering. My human side automatically grasps at bliss, yet it is never permanent and always changes. It is good to be reminded of this truth again and again. đź’ś Lalita

Ana CecĂ­lia de Carvalho Pinto says:


Pammy says:

Thank you thank you thank you Michael, for sharing.
With love and deep gratitude for the selfless service offered to thousands of us.

Christine says:

Thank you Michael. This is a very important video because of the distinction it points to. Anything that can be experienced is of phenomenal mind and therefore not our truest state. And the end of suffering is the best we enlightenment we can achieve in this human form. This brings bliss (I know, its phenomonal)🌹

Ana CecĂ­lia de Carvalho Pinto says:

Perfect. The end of suffering.. life happens as God’s law. Just accept. Enjoy Om Shanti!

kidkraft elegant dollhouse says:

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