One Truth Media Exclusive: Mooji and Rupert Spira Video – After Awakening Comes Vigilance

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Did you know that your Awakening may have already taken place?! The fact is that there are countless beings out there that have actually realized their true nature, but because the mind (ego) seems to return now and then, they are still waiting for an awakening to happen.

The FACT is that Awakening is only a stage in our spiritual evolution and that once Awakening has taken place, integration of our new understanding in our daily lives is something that must include vigilance until our body’s dying breath. Let’s listen to what Mooji and Rupert Spira have to say…

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Chidvilas says:


Emily says:

Thank you, thank you for this! Having both of these people side by side, so to speak, pointing to the same process is so very powerful. And this subject is so needed by all of us who have been on our paths for a while. This is an invaluable gift!

roberto says:

very important reminder thanking <3

Mary Sheehan says:

Thank you, mooji

Allan George says:

Very timely !! …wonderful!

Judi says:

thank you for this video. Loved seeing the different types of presentation of this wonderful reminder.

Helena de Roos says:

Beautiful! So encouraging and comforting!
Thank you for this powerful video!!!!🙏

Anonymous says:

A heartfelt thank you Powerful ,reassuring and so encouraging .

Hemalatha says:

Soo powerful a message. Am absorbed into the feeling of words. Thanks a lot. It is really a special bonus video.

Anna Etter says:

This is a great video! I needed it like bread! So important! It answered my questions, which were already a longtime obvious, without me being able to ask them. I thought, that if I am really „enlightened“ there would not be any doubts at all any more. Now I understand, that even if you have realized, who you are, your body and mind have to adjust to this new experience. I am soooo very grateful to this video! THANK you so very much!

Prajna says:

This was so beautiful and powerful. Thank you so much for putting it together. There is something so reinforcing and encouraging to have two masters saying the same thing in different words.

Ann Dayton says:

A very timely and beautifully compiled video which addresses the question as to what is the real nature of awakening. Can anyone claim to be fully and finally awakened? Can anyone say they have encountered a fully awakened being? While consciousness is embodied, we live in a world of duality, and can only GLIMPSE the reality of Oneness. Both Guru and devotees are on a journey, and that journey ends only with the last breath.

Anonymous says:


Anonymous says:


Christopher says:

ahhhhhh…so beautiful and powerful…. so much love…. lets keep on being on this journey and lets support each other in the encounters we may or may not have….

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