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These daily clips have been having a massive impact on my life, the daily reminders are valuable beyond words, like pearls on a string for every day, massive gratitude once more.” R.K. – Switzerland

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for these simple daily reminders. Listening to them have become an important part of my daily life, uplifting me and providing me with comfort in this strange journey called life.” V.G. – Sri Lanka

“Thank you for sharing beautiful wisdom. It has indeed helped in recognization of the truth. I myself feel very grateful to receive these pearls of wisdom especially when I needed them the most.” V.R. – India

“Thank you personally and whoever is involved in this for this massively beneficial service to mankind that you engage in with these daily sendings. I say this not lightly – the ripples that these daily remembrances issue forth do reach everywhere.” R.K. – Switzerland