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This 8 minute video clip from Rupert Spira is the SIMPLEST and most DIRECT explanation of Enlightenment (Awakening) available in modern day spirituality. The way that he explains the illusion of Enlightenment is so simple and vivid that even a child can understand his profound display of understanding. THIS VIDEO IS A MUST SEE FOR ALL!!

In this 6 minute video, Mooji explains the first monumental discovery. Those who have this discovery for themselves often wonder what is next, or where to go from this discovery, but Mooji explains that there really isn’t any other discovery to be made.

In this wonderful video, Mooji speaks on the fact that we need to set the “person” aside so that the Universe can express freely. Another reminder that life wants to express through the body without the agenda of a false sense of self.

In this AMAZING video, Rupert explains in super clear language the process from infancy where we are fully merged with the outside world, through the development of the ego, and into the realization of consciousness as the true essence of our reality.

Once one has realized the truth about who/what they are, is prayer still something of value and if so, who exactly is it that we pray to? In this seven minute presentation we see wisdom on this matter from Mooji and Rupert Spira. Let’s find out what they have to say…

In this very short two and a half minute clip, Rupert is presented with a question about how it is possible to use thoughts and words to give us a glimpse of our true nature when thoughts and words can truly only point to an object. Let’s listen to Rupert’s brilliant reply…

This is one of Mooji’s most passionate short videos ever recorded. On one of his walks, Mooji responds to everyone and to thousands of questions sent to him on an ongoing basis about all the issues they think they are experiencing that is keeping them from freedom. THIS 4 MINUTE VIDEO IS A MUST SEE FOR EVERYONE!

This six minute guided meditation from Mooji will help guide your attention back to your true self. Anyone can afford six minutes in exchange for freedom, so let’s just sit back, relax and listen as Mooji provides the golden message of truth and freedom.

This amazing video created by Lucia Lagana combines music, quotes from Mooji, and a live video clip in which we find Mooji speaking with utmost passion about the importance of shedding our personhood.

In this lovely video from Rupert, a questioner wants to know Rupert’s perspective on the statement, ‘There was never any suffering because there was never anyone to suffer.” Rupert explains that with the right context this statement can be true, but if quoted without the context can be completely false. That is why we need to watch out for spiritual parrots who just repeat short quotes such as “you don’t exits” or “the world is not real” and really have no idea what they are talking about and spreading (sharing) “wisdom” that does more to confuse others than help anyone. Let’s listen…

In this lovely little two minute reminder, Mooji explains, “Remind the world that it is free. This is our true place. If somebody reminds you that you are suffering, they don’t help you. They must remind you that you are free.”

In this six minute video from Mooji, he offers advice on what to do when our attention seems to be alternating between mind and heart. He explains that instead of trying to silence the mind, which is next to impossible, we can easily ignore the mind instead. Let’s listen to Mooji’s explanation…

This short 5 minute video from Rupert Spira clearly demonstrates that in a world of duality (the physical world), the ego is not a mistake.

In this video, Mooji explains how we are not “destined” to awaken. Destiny is for the body, not for what you truly are. Mooji uses a great story to explain how this is so.

It’s truly amazing how much Mooji can communicate in only 4 minutes. Don’t tie yourself to what is passing and quickly discover that intuitive sense of what is not passing within us.

In this FANTASTIC 4 minute audio, Mooji asks us to stop trying for just one moment and takes us on an inner look at the presence within, without all the labels and other distractions. Let’s get started…

This beautifully produced one hour documentary about Mooji is a MUST see.

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This video is a must see! Listen to what Mooji has to say about the “power” of thoughts.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, a sage of the highest order, a tremendously gifted teacher who spoke directly from Absolute “pure Awareness, unborn Reality,” and thus from real spiritual authority.

This is Part 1 of a five part split from rare video that was recorded circa 1979 of a Satsang in the apartment of Nisargadatta Maharaj in Mumbai where he would invite strangers into his home and discuss enlightenment with them. This video was not known to exist until January 2007 when Mulappartan, one of the original translators of  Nisargadatta Maharaj released an old VHS tape containing this historical Satsang.

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Most of us experience the habit of “wanting”. We want this and we want that, and often when we get what we want we move quickly to the fulfillment of another “want”. Wanting is a game by the mind (ego) to help it continue its existence. In this video Mooji explains that the way out of “want” is by shifting from “Person” to “Presence”.

This 4 minute video from Mooji provides more wisdom then entire libraries of knowledge. Once the message in this video has been assimilated fully into your beingness, nothing else is needed for total freedom within.

In this awesome ten minute video clip, Rupert explains the reality of good, bad and free will within the non-dual world of awareness. He explains how these concepts can still be valid within our essential true nature of freedom. Let’s listen to this five star video…

This is a 5 star video that reveals the backbone to all of Mooji’s pointings.

In this video, you are in for a very special treat.  In this 2 part video, Mooji answers a lovely ladie’s question about decision making by first taking her to the “Self”.  Watch as Mooji skillfully takes this lady from ego to “self” while taking you along for the journey.

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