One Truth Media Exclusive: Why Is It So Difficult to Stay (or Remain) as the “Self”?

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Have you ever wondered why it seems so difficult to remain as the “Self”, or why it is so difficult not to identify with the body/mind?

This awesome 7 minute video reveals the Truth behind the answer to these two questions. Once you’ve seen this video, you’ll never feel bad again about finding yourself involuntarily identified with the body/mind.  Let’s get started…

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Pete says:

ah thats looking at it from the mind! I don’t see how this helps at all.

Pete says:

Supreme Knowledge does not come ‘through’ anything. Supreme Knowledge reveals itself. ~ Sri Anandamayi Ma

Jean Martin says:

Thank you for sharing this beautiful and inspiring video – it is inspiring and very helpful. Namaste ? ❤️

ZorbaTheBuddha says:

I am not sure why this chap (or automaton?) thinks what he is saying is so different from what Nisargadatta said, or Ramana Maharshi, Mooji, Ramesh Balsekar, Papaji, Rupert Spira, Jeff Foster etc etc….say ..? It is true that most of us probably only get glimpses of the reality of the SELF, but some are clearly more established in Seeing…& for those people, they live in the Light of SELF..?

Jane Moody says:

Thank you ?

Monique says:

The Self doesn’t need to try to remain Itself, impossible, because that’s all there is. You are talking from the point of view of the mind, as Peter mentioned above. There is nothing else than the Self. You cannot remember who you are, you can may be remember who you are not, Grace will do the rest. It is impossible for the mind to realize itself. The mind will only make itself believe that it knows. There is no mind, and there was never any. Only the Self. The Self sees every thing as perfect as is. Nothing needs to change. Thank you for the pictures, they are incredible and so as you. Love ❤️

Monique says:

Thanks for the beautiful pictures, ?. My mind is turning around and cannot find itself. Who am I? says Ramana.
Love ❤️

Monique says:

Oh LA LA! Is there a True SELF? ??. Can my mind find it? Thanks Peter for your comments?
I thought there was never any mind to start with, so what else is there? Am I here? Love is here for sure ??.

sirgliofrei says:

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