One Truth Media: If I Surrender My Life to Freedom, What Will Happen to My Sense of Responsibility?

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In this FANTASTIC 14 minute video featuring Mooji, Jac O’Keeffe and Ramesh Balsekar we find the answer to what can happen to our sense of responsibility once we have surrendered the ego. How will I be able to distinguish right from wrong? What will keep me from going out into the world and just doing what I want? Let’s watch as this video answers these questions and more…

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Sumita says:

Always felt this but was afraid to share the thoughts! Truly liberating! ?

Sylvia says:

Awesome. Thank you! Food for thought!

jhawa says:

gotta say I didnt find this helpful…..I found it to be superficial,and it is my biggest beef with the non-duality philosophy…to me the idea that taking responsibility will always be based on conditioning implies we dont have brains,that we cant use our minds creatively,or transcend our conditioning and that we can be controlled by others,and accept it passively at least in this material world ….and this is now happening on a huge scale all over the world


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