We all have 5 minutes to spare. This five minute guided meditation from Mooji will help guide your attention back to your true self. Let’s just sit back, relax and listen as Mooji provides the golden message of truth and freedom…
This three and half minute video offers the best Mantra one can have.
In this nine minute video from Mooji, he takes us through the cycles of being a witness to the world. The point of this excursion is to realize that there is “something” that does not come and go and that this “something” is always here within us.
In this 10 minute video, Deepak explains that ultimately the only real reality is “Awareness”. This video explains how he arrives at this conclusion.
In this five minute video clip taken out of an interview, Mooji explains that the “Truth” is about the “Realization” that the true “You” is even prior to consciousness and its manifestations. This video essentially contains all that is needed to “Realize” the “Truth”.
In this super short clip from an interview, Mooji explains that when we start to wobble in our transformation and feel like we are about to lose our true position, we just need to remember to stay as the observer.
In this wonderful 7 minute excerpt from a talk given at the 2010 SAND conference, Rupert describes the foundation of non duality, provides a wonderful look at love, and helps us realize why as Awareness we truly are (literally) peace, happiness and love.
In this short video, Mooji explains that after realization there is a crucial time period where we need to remain extremely vigilant to detect the efforts of the mind to creep back in and identify once again. In other words, once “Realization” has taken place, the mind identity will not instantly give up and die. It will come back again over and over until a maturity comes and permanently drives away the psychological self.
In this lovely little 6 minute video from a wonderful being named Nada, we get a different take on the true meaning of being or becoming “Spiritual”. Click here for more Nada videos.
In this short 6 minute video from Jac appearing on the show “Never Not Here”, she talks about her book called “Born to Be Free” which focuses on dismantling the core illusion of identifying with thought.
In this lovely 10 minute video, a questioner wants to know how she can get her family on the right path? Mooji explains that we need to let others be on the path that they are and simply focus on remaining as the self and living what you have discovered. Let’s listen…
In this 9 minute video filmed on one of his morning walks in Portugal, Mooji explains that we only need to return our attention back to our true position prior to consciousness. He goes on to explain that EVERYTHING in the waking state is phenomenal and flows out from consciousness and that as the “Self” our true position is on the apex between the Absolute and Consciousness.
This mini eight minute documentary includes interviews with Papaji along with rare footage of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Papaji is a direct follower of Ramana Maharshi and is also the Guru of Mooji and Gangaji. In this video clip we get to know Papaji and his journey just a little bit more. Let’s listen…
There’s a lot of bullshit in the spiritual culture, in various concepts, teachings and practices, which are actually counter-productive to genuine spiritual growth and awakening. In this 12 minute video from Nada, he shares a few of the basic signs to be watchful of, as indicators of pseudo spirituality.
In this 8 minute video, Mooji answers an inquiry from someone who is experiencing some resistance within. Mooji explains that if one is experiencing resistance to self-inquiry, then this is an indication that one is on the right track. The ego will fight for its survival til the bitter end so it is important to put things into perspective and know which is the greater, the ego or the self.
This twelve minute clip between Rupert Spira and John J. Prendergast is Part 4 of a four part series of a discussion about the integration of non-duality and modern day therapy. This particular part discusses how humanity has now reached a point where a more direct approach to the realization of the “Truth” can be used and understood by more and more seekers, but that it is not a one-size-fits-all approach. For Part 1 Click Here For Part 2 Click Here For Part 3 Click Here
Many are under the impression that when you are enlightened you automatically love everyone. In this 8 minute masterpiece, Mooji explains that this is not the case and why.
In this great ten minute video clip, Rupert explains that after the realization takes place that our true nature is unlimited, infinite Awareness, our old ways of thinking still can pop up as habits from our old, limited sense of identity and must be recognized and transcended.
This 4 minute video shows us a little history about Gangaji, how she became a disciple of Papaji and eventually became a spiritual guide herself. Lets’ listen in to her story…
In this inspiring mini (6 Min) spontaneous interview, Mooji is asked “What is your message for the world?”. Mooji shares with us the highest wish inside our hearts and a simple tool to help us stay in that place… let’s listen…
In this 9 minute video, Mooji answers a question from a seeker on how to best use the mind and how to best guide the mind. In answer to the question, Mooji explains that the focus should be on realizing the “Self” and abide as the self which has no need to use the mind for anything.
In this enlightening 14 minute video, Mooji tackles the question of how we can tell when we are being told the truth, or not.  There are many things to consider like, “Is the messenger true?”, “Is the message true”, “Is our understanding of the material true?”. Let’s listen as Mooji helps us make our way to the undeniable truth… For another video on this subject please click here.
In this beautiful 10 minute video, Gangaji offers the opportunity to discover the truth of your being in the simplest and most immediate way…just by inquiring into what is here? She leads a young woman from the realm of conceptualization to the reality of simply being here, as hereness itself, never separate from anything that appears. Let’s join in…
In this great little six minute video clip from Adyashanti, he explains that we need not degrade the worth of the body or the mind but by becoming intimate with our Absolute nature, our identity is no longer housed in the prison of the body or mind. Let’s listen to his explanation…
In this little eight minute video from a lovely being named Nada, we find the relief from self imposed stress by realizing that acceptance may not be exactly as we have imagined it and that it can be quite simple to let go and release our efforts to make things different then what they are. Let’s listen to this advice… Click here for more Nada videos.
In this 10 minute video clip from Rupert Spira, he again tries to drive home the point that what you are can not be affected in any way by anything at any time. There is nothing to do, nothing to change, nothing to transcend, it is already so.