In this awesome twelve minute video, Rupert provides some practical advice on how to deal with uncomfortable feelings of any kind that can stir up inside during inquiry or meditation or introspection. Let’s listen to this valuable advice…
In this silent, yet revealing video of a conversation describing his true nature, Nisargadatta responds to questions about “himself” and his relationship to the apparent world around him.
Many of us feel “I don’t want to let go of my existence as me because I like me!”. Mooji offers some insight on this concept.
In this super short video Mooji explains that the “Truth” has nothing to do with believing. You can NOT believe in the truth. Belief is for the ego. The “Truth” stands alone.
In this great little two minute video, Mooji provides a tool to help us stop our busy daily activities and take a moment to re-center ourselves and our attention and take a break from all the noise of the mind and our surroundings. Let’s listen to this wonderful little exercise…
In Part 2 of 2 of this amazing discourse with a devotee, Mooji shows that for most, the understanding of the “Truth” is only mental and that in actuality the Truth has not been realized within because of fear of what is going to happen to their physical existence (or life) if they give up the idea of who they think they are.  Mooji goes on to explain that one must stand boldly with their understanding to realize the full meaning of the Truth. To view Part 1 (not necessary), please click here.
In this six minute video, Mooji delivers a special message for Guru Purnima 2016. Guru Purnima is a Nepalese and Indian festival dedicated to spiritual and academic teachers. This festival is traditionally celebrated by Hindus, Jains and Buddhists, to pay their respects to their teachers and express their gratitude.
In this very short video, Mooji reminds us that the beingness can not be disturbed. Only the idea we have about ourselves can be molested by other ideas (thoughts). The beingness has no ideas about itself therefor it always remains untouched.
In this 8 minute video, Peter explains that meditation doesn’t have to be as structured as some practices describe. He also touches on how to work through pain and suffering through meditation and the difference between meditation and mindfulness.
In this 8 minute video, Mooji explains that it is important for one to realize that there is nothing wrong when old thought patterns emerge because old thought patterns and activity can still come during the transition from the personal self to pure awareness, and in fact, can still come after full awakening has taken place.
In this 8 minute video, Mooji explains that it is purely natural as sentient beings to identify with our form, and we have done this for most of our lives. Therefor it is perfectly understandable that it takes time for this habit to fade.
In this lovely little six minute video, Gangaji talks to us about the importance of not closing ourselves off after heartbreak and realize the love that we ARE so we can continue to love beyond any heartbreak. Let’s listen…
Here’s another beautiful 15 minute guided meditation from Mooji that will help guide your attention back to yourself in deep peace, love and harmony. Let’s just sit back, relax and listen as Mooji provides the ultimate message of truth and freedom…
In this wonderful 7 minute video clip taken from Satsang in Rishikesh (2016), Mooji explains that its perfectly fine to allow our emotions, sensations and reactions to be expressed as long as we remember to remain as the one who is the witness. No need to fight them, interpret them or analyze them.
In this five minute video filmed on one of Mooji’s walks, he explains that a true Master-Student relationship is not really a friendship as most people think of this role. A Master is one who guides, supports and encourages you to freedom, but does not necessarily fill the role of a friend or buddy to hang out with.